Note: This curriculum was built based on the following resources:

Week 1: Intro to Product Classroom

Get set up and attend our social to get to know other students!

Week 2: Intro to Product Design

General introduction to product design and warm-up exercise to brainstorm new app features

Week 3: Problem Finding

How to find the right problem to solve

Start of semester project - Connecting in a Virtual Era: Solve a problem that people (students, teachers, families, etc.) face while learning or connecting virtually through digital design.

Week 4: Understanding the Problem

How to source users and conduct user research

Week 5: User Research

How to synthesize user research results

Week 6: Design Principles and Ideation

Defining design principles and generating solutions to your problem

Week 7: Low-fidelity Wireframing

Importance of design explorations and low-fidelity wireframing

Week 8: Midpoint Critiques

Group critiques