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At a Glance

IDOT members follow theory- and activity-based curriculum focused on different design topics and skills.

Our curriculum is made up of modules, each focused on teaching theory and application. Modules are grouped into Concentrations. Each module takes roughly 1.5 hours to complete, and consists of a detailed notes document, a slide deck, interactive activities, and other assorted components for students to learn from. Modules focus on students teaching students. Chapter leads are able to direct club meetings by reading from the provided notes — they cover everything needed to teach each module, no prior knowledge necessary.


The soft skills of the design process. These topics include identifying problems, how to create inclusive design, user research, color theory, and much more. They are the most versatile part of the curriculum, and can be applied to almost every discipline, career, or project!


Hard skills that are often program-based. IDOT utilizes Figma, a free and collaborative design tool. While Figma is generally used for prototyping and vector design, we will be using it as a platform for interactive activities.

Human-Centered Design Concentration

Currently we've released our Human-Centered Design Concentration, with seven modules each focusing on a step of the HCD process. Human-Centered Design is a framework for approaching the design process that focuses on designing to help users and/or attempt to solve an overarching problem.

  1. Intro to HCD
  2. User Research: Empathize
  3. Define
  4. Ideate
  5. Intro to Figma
  6. Digital Prototyping
  7. User Testing

Visual Design

Future Concentrations

After completing the HCD Concentration, students will be able to choose which concentration to move on to. Future concentrations in the works include:


Upon completion of all the modules in a concentration (e.g. Modules 1-7 of the HCD concentration), students will receive a certificate for that concentration, verifying their completion and understanding of the covered material. If you are a student leader looking to certify club members, please update your SRC contact upon completion, providing a list of names of students who have completed the concentration and their dates of completion.