We ran a brief survey about what Czechs think learners of Czech should know about Czech cultural phenomena of the last 20 years and what they think will still be around for a while. Here are the key results from over 100 respondents.

Co je to

Zorganizovali jsme krátkou online anketu o tom, co by podle Čechů měli vědět o české kultuře cizinci i Češi žijící v zahraničí. Zde je shrnutí výsledků od 100 respondentů. Zmíněny jsou všichni, kdo dostali alespoň dva hlasy.

Winners / Vítězové

Tomáš Klus, singer song writer / písničkář

Klus received 19 out of 102 votes as a notable person vs 12 for Vojtěch Dyk in the second place. 12 people thought Klus would be well known in 30 years vs 7 for Dyk. Only two more people had more than 2 votes for longevity of the total of 15 who had at least one mention. A total of 35 had at least 2 votes for notability.


Statues of David Černý

Public statues of Czech sculptor David Černý received 8 mentions with most of those who gave an example mentioning Kafka's head. There were a total of 24 cultural artefacts that received at least 2 votes.


Full Gallery of Results

People and groups

📎 Breakdown: Aside from the complere gallery of 36 who received more than 2 votes (adding up to 144 votes).

You can also view the galleries of most popular occupations: Actors (12 - 60 votes) Women (9 - 32 votes), Singer Song Writers (8 - 52 votes), Writers (8 - 23 votes) and Musical Groups (5 - 15 votes). There was only one YouTuber (so far). This shows a lot of continuity with the types of people who were promiment historically.

Notable facts: 6 out of 8 notable writers are women and 6 out of 9 notable women are writers..

Only 5 people were born after 1990, 13 in the 1980s and 12 between 1960 and 1979. The median year of birth is 1982.

Not all the same people who deserve note were mentioned as someone who has lasting value. You can see the comparison of notability and longevity in a separate table.

Gallery of Notable Czechs of the 2000s

Cultural Artefacts

Out of 24 artefacts that received at least 2 votes, there were 13 films with a total of 39 votes, 5 TV series with a total of 20 votes, 2 songs with 5 joint votes, 1 Book with 3 votes and 1 cultural event with 7 votes and 1 body of a sculptor's work with 8 votes. All these add up to 80 votes.

It is interesting that 7 of these have appeared in the last 2 years (since 2019) of which 2 were in 2020 and 1 in 2021.