Mission (What drives us)


We want to enable local world-class start-ups to become global leader.

We are loyal and take care of each other. Because we trust each other, we are frank within the company. Outside the company, if someone makes a mistake, we have their back and we all work to rectify it. If someone is unwell, we take on their work.

We fight for equal opportunity and against prejudice and discrimination.

Code of Conduct

Be hungry

How much do you want to work in our company? Or, how much would you care if our company didn’t exist? If the answer is not a lot, then nr2 is not for you. Big success comes with big commitment, and we will ask a lot of you.

Leave your ego at home

You work for this company because we think you rock. So don’t worry about looking stupid. Grow by getting outside your comfort zone. Challenge others and accept challenges.

For one, for all

We come from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. We don’t judge by appearances, and we value our weirdness. We have different strengths and weaknesses. If someone is lost and asks you where to go, help them. Their problem is your problem.

Own it

Feel free to break things, but know that if you do, it’s on you to fix them. We respect any decision you own, and your commitment to make it right. Think through consequences of plans. Are you traveling next week? What does that mean for projects you are running? Have you told the team and made sure your travel do not impact the company? Owning also means finishing. Don’t stop because you were congratulated. See projects through to the end.

Bend your mind

Bricks make good bookends and paperclips are sometimes a better solution for buttonholes than buttons. For us, despite received tech wisdom, AI hasn’t proved the answer to everything. Don’t believe something until you have challenged it and made up your own mind.

Say no

Make an active decision to prioritise some tasks at the expense of others by asking: will this bring us more users? If the answer is no, re-prioritise.  **

Respect time

Being late to a meeting means you value your own time over the rest of the team’s. That’s imbalanced. Every time you are late by more than 5 minutes, think about putting £1 towards a charity you care about, and telling the team which charity.

Get to the point