At Remote we all must actively foster a culture of documentation. This means we all actively participate in continuously building and improving our internal documentation.

Documentation refers to anything written down in a place that other people can read, learn from it, and further build upon that text. You are reading documentation right now.

With the exception of ongoing development issues, all documentation lives here, in Notion.

When to document something

When you learn anything, that should come from documentation. If it didn't, it's your duty to find the related documentation. If that doesn't exist, you create it! If it already exists, you improve it.

Always be documenting.

How to iterate on documentation

Always work in public. Start with something and iterate on it over time.

Always iterate on the original page - avoid creating new pages that replace old ones. This prevents us losing the archived history and reduces the number of pages that show up in search results.

When to refer to documentation

Before asking a question, first try to find the answer in Notion. If you can't find it, only then you ask. Consider including where you've looked. Once you've gotten an answer, it's up to you to make sure it is documented.

Answer with a link to documentation

When someone asks a question to you about something that (should be/is) documented, try to answer with just a link to the documentation. That encourages usage of documentation, and teaches the individual where to find this going forward.

<aside> 💬 Pete: What is the country code for the Netherlands? Jane: < link to notion page with all country codes> You'll find that here!


What makes good documentation

Literally any documentation is fine. A single sentence on a new page is great documentation. Don't postpone it. Just keep it very simple. No need to elaborate more than just the exact thing you've just learned / discovered.

As an example, here is Job's documentation on the best shoes to wear at home:

Best shoes to wear at home

When to make documentation public

We can't make everything public due to the nature of our business.