Make creativity easy, fast, and fun.


We're living our vocation. Having fun as we grow to become the best at what we do. We're entrepreneurial and focused, selflessly tackling problems head on. We communicate with empathy, listen actively, and solve creatively.

Who are we?

Thoughtful, Low ego, Perfecting our craft, Embracing iteration, Transparent, Prioritizing customer delight, Champions of diversity, Documenting everything, Enjoying the journey, New Yorkers, The cura personalis.

Our Principles

This is the essence of what it means to work at Air. Our principles are not memorized. Rather, they are lived and there is no rank order of importance.

  1. Thoughtful

    We're patient and prioritize information gathering before we make a decision. We try to always maintain a sustainability mindset, using and allocating resources in the most respectful and efficient ways possible.

  2. Low ego

    We have no pride in ownership and work toward the right solution, not "our" solution. Walking humbly is extremely important to us, we never forget where we came from and ignore flowery arguments.

  3. Perfecting our craft

    Giving and receiving feedback is our day-to-day and we are committed to personal growth. Our eye is always toward helping our teammates become the best that they can be, and we receive feedback with gratitude and open-mindedness.

  4. Embracing iteration

    Curiosity is part of who we are. We love being quick to fail and working through problems. We recognize that a great solution on time trumps a perfect solution that's too late. There is no answer that we can't work toward.

  5. Transparent

    We own our position. There is no mask on our problems, issues, or excitement. We bring our whole selves every day and debate early and often. Once a decision is made, we commit, and recognize that responsibility and ownership are two sides of the same coin.

  6. Prioritizing customer delight

    Our values come alive when we serve our customers. With every user and action in our product, we take pride in continuously surprising, delighting, enabling and empowering our customers. We believe in long term relationships and our customers are why we are here.

  7. Champions of diversity

    We trust in shared values, core competencies and best intentions. We actively seek out diverse perspectives and points of view (including historically underrepresented communities) to add to the room. These are better for business and we aren't limited by industry benchmarks.

  8. Documenting everything

    Ideas are as fleeting as they are valuable, and precise, efficient communication is the fuel for successful collaboration. Transparency and organization are prioritized, and we make the extra effort to collect and codify our thoughts.

  9. Enjoying the journey

    Our vocation, where we are going, is important to us. We are proactive at tailoring our work to the things we are excited about and are honestly having a ton of fun. Optimism is everywhere; it's not blind, but it's infectious. It's hard, but we love this work.

  10. New Yorkers

    There's an energy, attitude, and personality to everything we do. We're unstoppable and are not afraid to do what we think is right (no matter how silly it sounds). This sense of imagination has no limits, remote or in person. True greatness is rare, but we believe it's inside all of us.

  11. The cura personalis

    In Latin this means the "care for the entire person." This is our approach toward our customers and our teammates. We care about each of their stories, their struggles and successes. We approach with care and only do what's best for them. We listen, make them comfortable, and are always a resource.


Our Mission, Values and Principles are not just lofty aspirations. They are the threads that weave into the unique and special Air culture that we live and work within every day. As such, they can be applied in tangible and practical ways as we engage in our most important activities, including hiring, performance evaluations and business decision-making.