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A 3rd-party crowd-sourcing mobile app that improves the working experience of DoorDash drivers (called Dashers) by saving them from excessive wait times during food pickup, with the aim of giving them more control over DoorDash’s algorithmic management system.

Overview · Background · Research · Ideation · Design · Outcome · Reflection

Course: Human-AI Interaction

Timeline: Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

Team: Jessie Wang (UX Designer), Xin Pan (UX Researcher), Zed Yuan (Data Scientist)

How Time Flies for Gig Workers_Cover.png



When DoorDash drivers (called Dashers) arrive at the restaurant for pickup, chances are that the food is not ready on time, so that Dashers have no choice but to wait extra 10-20 mins, which not only leads to late delivery but also has a negative influence on Dashers' working experience and earnings. Being controlled by DoorDash's algorithmic management system, Dashers are suffering the consequences for excessive wait times, like poor ratings from customers and income decrease, due to no fault of their own.


CueTime is a 3rd-party crowd-sourcing app that save Dashers from excessive wait times by suggesting “no-go” restaurants that are notorious for excessive wait times thus not recommended to deliver for and offering necessary information for decision making on halfway cancellation of orders based on the data submitted by other Dashers.

Before Dashing: