This is our process for our 2020-2021 Interaction Team Capstone project, Cubby. This wiki consists of our process, from our early research phases to final implementation.

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🔍 What is Cubby?

Cubby is an interactive learning management system that targets young students (ages 5-7) in remote and hybrid classrooms. Our primary goals were to foster social-emotional learning and facilitate parent-teacher relationships. This solution aims to improve virtual education for students during the pandemic, and beyond.

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Our main goal over the course of two semesters was to produce a clickable prototype, landing page, and interactive demo to showcase our work. To view our final prototype, interactive demo, and landing page that we created, click on the page below:

Final Deliverables

😄 Meet the Team

We split our group into two sections, design and development, depending on our strengths and skills. This helped us groom our sprints each week and produce a more effective workflow.

🎨 Design Team

💻 Development Team

Nadya Angkasa

UI/UX Designer & Project Manager

Madiha Alam

UI/UX Designer & UX Lead

Dania Alnahdi

Web Developer

Yifan (Jake) Zhu

Web Developer