Below are some crypto/Web3 startup ideas and themes we at Alliance are excited about. They are updated regularly to reflect our latest thinking.

This document serves two purposes:

By no means you should feel that building something on this list is a requirement to be admitted to Alliance. In the past we have backed many ideas that caught us by surprise.

Table of Content

Decentralized Infrastructure

Decentralizing All Layers of the Stack

In recent years, this space seems to have lost interest in genuine decentralization, the very quality that made this space interesting in the first place. Memes like “users don’t care about decentralization” are flying around.

But decentralization does not matter until it does. With the recent collapse of centralized crypto institutions, as well as broader financial and social censorship across the world, decentralization matters more than ever.

An application is only as decentralized as its most centralized layer. So for applications that require decentralization, the entire stack needs to be decentralized.

Layers of the stack include