CryptEx**. LP locker and Team Token Vesting**

Making Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network and xDAI Network Safer. Smart Liquidity Locking, Team Token Vesting, Automated Smart Contract Audits, and more!

Liquidity Pool (LP) Locker

Our internally and externally audited smart contracts securely lock your LP tokens for any customized duration you specify. CryptEx never takes custody of your LP tokens, and does not have access to them. Instead, they are stored in the smart contract and they are only accessible to withdraw by the same wallet that initially locked them after the locking period has passed.

Team Token Vesting (BEP-20)

Our audited smart contracts securely vest your team tokens for any customized duration. Similar to the Locker, the tokens are placed into a smart contract and only accessible to withdraw after the vesting period has passed.

Creating a token for a project is a complex process that requires in-depth coding knowledge and experience. Moreso, after preparing the code, a project should submit it for an audit to make sure there are no critical errors. CryptEx makes it easier.

CryptEx Token Constructor - a smart contract constructor that combines elements of audited, tested code with functional arguments.

Token Constructor is created to help project owners without coding knowledge with the creation of smart contracts. While normally, this process takes time and money, CryptEx is providing an affordable service that takes only a few minutes and is easy-to-use.

Solidity smart contract constructor helps create a BEP20/ERC20 or an RFI token with a built-in audit by HashEx and Paladin. Employing the expertise and reputation of professional coders and auditors, we deliver the most efficient token creation tool.

Depending on your preferences, you can use this ethereum smart contract constructor to build a token for your project, according to its needs.