When I began this journey of working on a Unified Design System, my colleague and I immediately realized how much design consistency was lacking within Crunchyroll. A basic set of components existed for each platform; however, the Sketch files suffered from duplicate symbols, inconsistencies, and out of date guidelines for designers to follow.

Designers would become confused as to which components they should use, as well as what was considered the most up-to date design. Therefore, most of their time would be spent either hunting down said up-to date components, or creating new ones from scratch. Clearly, we needed something better and more robust.


The Unified Design System is Crunchyroll's internal design system that's used by product designers and engineers. The Unified Design System's goal is to include resources that facilitate the process of crafting consistent user interfaces with our brand, design manifesto, and industry best practices. My job is to design and help direct the creation and documentation of Crunchyroll's design system. The UDS is used by all of our designers, hundreds of engineers, and over 14 different applications within Crunchyroll.