Notice: If at any point during this "how-to" you're unsure, confused or don't understand something, please don't hesitate to contact me on Slack (@alex) or email ( and I will be happy to help. :)

Understanding Crowdin

Crowdin is based on crowdsourcing - a practice that engages a community for one common goal – to translate the product on a volunteer basis into several languages. You, as a volunteer translator, can do translations through Crowdin and help us with the localisation process.

Joining a Project

To join our project, please create a crowdin account and then follow this invite link.

After you've joined the project, you should see a screen with languages.

If your language is missing, please contact Otherwise, select your language and proceed to the next screen.

You will have to request to join a team. In the request, just put your name and email and click Join.

After the request to join is approved. You'll be able to click the master.csv file and proceed to the translation screen.

Syntax and UI

To get accustomed with the Crowdin UI and their translation process, we strongly encourage you to read their simple documentation.

It is also important that you understand their syntax. It is mostly used for plural categories of various languages.


There's a hidden feature in Suite called Translation mode that redirects you into Crowdin upon clicking any particular string. This is immensely handy in comparison to blindly translating strings within Crowdin as it allows you to understand the context of a certain string before being taken to Crowdin to translate it. We encourage you to use it.

How To Enable Suite Translation Mode

  1. Open Trezor Suite on the web.