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We had an idea to bring Telemedicine and Doctor House Call services to Nigeria and this idea birthed CribMD. I was tasked with designing the web application and mobile application for this new product.

CribMD is a company that is focused on solving the health challenges in Africa by:

  1. Providing quality medical care at highly affordable rates.
  2. Providing top quality medications at affordable rates.
  3. Prioritizing healthy living for all users, thereby reducing the health challenges they face.

To achieve the above listed objectives, I designed

  1. CribMD Mobile that allows users connect with doctors (G.P or Specialist) to either hold an online consultation or the doctor comes to the patient's comfort to administer care.
  2. A web application for both doctors and patients to perform the same activities as the mobile Application.
  3. An admin dashboard for CRM to manage the activities made by both the doctors and patients.
  4. A dashboard for corporate organisations to manage their staff on the platform.
  5. A pharmacy dashboard to help the pharmacists manage the prescription, filling and delivery of the prescribed medications to the patients.

Workflows, userflows and hi-fidelity designs were created for each of these products and some of the screens are shared below.

Pharmacy Dashboard

Doctor's Dashboard