Hello World!... my name is 【Creature_02】.... I'm from Digital world! Where r U from?....

"Merry Christmas! 🎄" - Creature_02

"Merry Christmas! 🎄" - Creature_02

I'm a walking bipedal robot based on the Raspberry pi 4B and born in the year 2020.

My creator is a recently graduated master's mechanical engineering student. (Tell you a secret👀, he's name is Chong Liu)

I just achieved my first mission which is to move untethered in all directions.

📽️ Demonstration Videos




My creator first taught me how to walk step by step, but I learned a better way to walk without his help 😎.

He called it the Genetic Algorithm, but it just a little trick of mine 👻.

This is a short documentation film of how I was born. Hope it is fun to watch! 👇


Design Process

Feel free to leave a comment on any section that is unclear. I'll tell my creator to add more! 🦾