Harmony is an open platform for creators to grow digital economy with their fans. Four tiers of products: First, $10 per year for leasing Internet domains .country (crypto names .1, wallet addresses, digital collectibles). Second, $100 per year for curating social profiles (vanity URLs, customer emails, growth analytics). Third, $1000 per year for hosting video content (monthly subscription, pay-per-minute payments, referral earns). Fourth, $10k per year for making retail commerce (fan merchandise, loyalty programs, collective initiatives).

🚀 Q1 goal: 1000 sales for domains & profiles. First: $50 merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, totes), 1000 each, $50k sales ($25k profit) – targeting Vera’s Pink Apes, Harmony’s Blue Apes, Claire’s travel logs, Miss Excel. Test run: Harmony t-shirts (100 to community). Second: Video content, $10 per month, weekly videos, 2500 subscribers, $25k sales ($25k profit) – targeting Shamir’s videographer community, Bay Area’s high school sports teams streaming, fitness gurus.

👩‍💻 User experience: Go to 1.country to register a new name, use your meme-worthy URL on TikTok as “Link in Bio” for discovery, start posting videos from mobile, charge $9 monthly on your 10k followers for gated access, one-click for fans to ship $29 t-shirts worldwide.

  1. Domain Names (Discovery)
    1. Link Internet Web2 domains under .country with crypto Web3 names.
    2. Provide vanity emails, group accounts, burner targets, private aliases.
    3. Automate custom domains for content publishers (Notion, WordPress) and commerce platforms (Shopify, Wix).
    4. Aggregate sub-accounts for wallet addresses and digital collectibles on multiple chains.
  2. Social Profiles (Branding)
    1. Customer relations management (CRM), URL shorteners, vanity bookmarks via browser extension.
    2. Provide a default, uniform and light design.
    3. Manage customer emails and growth analytics.
  3. Video Content (Engagement)
    1. Provide gated access via monthly subscription.
    2. Use SMS wallets for metering pay-per-access payments (per piece, per minute).
    3. Support onchain referral earns.
  4. Retail Commerce (Transactions)
    1. Ship fan merchandise with fiat checkout, loyalty programs, sales analytics.
    2. Collective assets and initiatives under multi-signatures.

Launch Plan: Domains

Q1 Milestones & Deliverables

🇨🇭 .1 and .country for Creator’s Web3 Nations

Harmony’s .1.country unifies Internet domains and crypto names as Web3 nations. Short, onchain names like s.1 store your wallet addresses, digital collectibles, social reputation – on Harmony across multiple blockchains. Proper, browsable domains like s.country displays your career metrics, vanity links, embedded content – for fans to tips with emojis or buy from videos. Yet, s.1 is magically the same as s.country – your creator economy as ONE nation!

See our deck, blog – and videos on the annual talk, platform features, adoption roadmap: Harmony’s 2023 plan on economics games on our .1.country as Web3 identity. First, Internet domains (.country): Custodial auctions (GoDaddy), Identity profiles (Linktr.ee), Talent reputation (Linkedin). Second, crypto names (.1): Social governance (Ethereum Name Service), Onchain incentives (Unstoppable Domains), Interoperable memes (Soulbound society). Third, radical markets (ONE): Sustainable rent (Axie Infinity), Quadratic tax (Gitcoin), Fair price (Uniswap).

Write from scratch a video player on mobile web – immersive like TikTok (full screen, auto play, one-click upload), minimal like Tinder (touch pause, touch mute, swipe navigate), optimized like YouTube (multiple sizes, edge network, offline cache), actionable like Shopify (shoppable links, Apple Pay integrated, merchandise checkout).

First, uniform scaling on our Shard 1 – versus Layer 2 (Arbitrum), App chain (Cosmos), ZK Proofs (0xPARC). Second, economics games on our .1.country Web3 identity – about Internet domains (.country), crypto names (.1), radical markets (ONE).

Which apps satisfy these Web3 critieria? Decentralized on open blockchains, financialized with staked tokens, nonfungible with soulbound collectibles, social with seasonal humans, and cryptographic with zero-knowledge proofs.

🧚 Fair prices? Radical Rent & Quadratic Tax