Our aim is to help creators enter the NFT market as smooth as possible. We apply a unique approach to the use of blockchain technology, distinct from mainstream solutions, to help clients upscale their brand and maximise ROIs.

NFT4U is building the future of creative industries.

We believe digital content embedded in the NFT technology is the future of modern art.

Our team is international, and we strive to create diverse work cultures and opportunities for everyone to succeed, regardless of their background. To ensure positivity and sustainability, we maintain the same degree of focus and distinction for our clients. We're always looking for talented humans who are interested in making a meaningful impact on the future of creative industries alongside us.

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Open Positions

Design and Digital Art



Life at NFT4U

Imagine a happy place of work where every day is different. At NFT4U, it looks like this:


Early morning starts with healthy habits. Our team members prefer an active lifestyle, including run, swim, and gym.


Our focus is on "Digital Sustainability" to ensure that we go above and beyond to leave the world a better place.


Mental health and personal development is an important part of our culture.


Attending different events and exhibitions.

"Teamwork and transparency is key to anything." — Yan Bodnya CEO and Founder

Last updated: July 05, 2021