<aside> 💷 £500/month part time role (~8 hours/week) to help us build the next big social app.


<aside> 🏎️ Test drive the app and co-create our biggest feature to date.


<aside> 📸 Produce creative content to help us spread the word on platforms like TikTok.


About Picnic

Our Mission

At Picnic, we understand how important friendships are; they make our lives happier, our bodies and minds healthier, and our decisions better (at least most of the time!). Our friends are in fact the single most important contributing factor to our overall happiness and health.

Over the last decade though, the social apps that we rely on to support these relationships on a daily basis have neglected that fact. Depression among social media's heaviest users is up three-fold while Gen Z are the loneliest generation in history.

Picnic is a next-generation social app built with your wellbeing embedded in our DNA. Backed by science and the researcher who discovered Dunbar's number, we're changing the way friends connect and share online for the better and we're starting with group chats.

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Our Vision

There’s not much in a friendship that doesn’t find it’s way onto the group chat. There, in between the cat memes, piss-taking and dating advice, is the story of a group: the ups, the downs, the big adventures and little moments. Put it all together, and we'd go as far to say that group chats are actually pretty damn extraordinary.

When we studied the spaces where those group chats live though, we realised something. Today's messaging apps are actually pretty ordinary. There's a lot to like about the reliability they offer us. And they're not all dull. But for something as sacred as a group chat, is this really the best we can do?


Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 17.11.48.png

Joyless, one-size-fits-all spaces that stifle our creativity? Goofy, homogeneous lenses and filters that are fun for all of 5 minutes? Hardly smashing it out the park when it comes to enabling the kinds of deep, witty and expressive interactions that brings friends closer together.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 15.26.37.png

Then there's the impermanence of it all. The squad's undeniable banter that knows no bounds? Relegated to an endless chat stream. That one time we cracked 3 double-yolkers in a row? Gone forever - forgot to tap 'Save'. Today's platforms treat our chats as unimportant fodder. We see a massive opportunity.

We're building a new kind of space for groups to chat. Where rich and meaningful interactions thrive. Where there's room for in-jokes and meaning to evolve over time. Where the things that make a group unique can flourish and the best bits endure.

The kind of extraordinary space that extraordinary group chats deserve.

Our Product

Picnic is a space for groups of friends to hang out, chat and create lasting memories.

<aside> 🎨 Go wild with our expanded creative canvas for chat. Loaded with tons more ways to interact with each other than regular chat apps. On Picnic you can react with GIFs, 100 💩 emojis, or a witty #hashtag - not to mention give each other nicknames 😈.


<aside> 🧱 Capture the best bits with Tagging. Much more than just a hashtag, Tagging on Picnic is an all-purpose chat superpower. Tagging a message turns it into a building block that your group can use later to create a story. Tagboards give groups a shared space for memories, organised by theme so you never have to hunt for them again.


<aside> 🖋️ Craft epic stories from your chat history. A far cry from the chore of extracting memories from your bog-standard shared media library, Picnic empowers the storyteller within through a new interactive content format. Think of it like a multi-player game where you get to star in your own adventures.


Picnic is still in private Beta - so it's not yet available on the app store. Below is a sneak peek screen recording of some of our features though to give you a flavour of what the app is like (as well as an inside look at our totally insane normal company culture).