Creating our own filters

EditingStack supports using CIColorCubeWithColorSpace filter.

LUT (Hald image)

How to create cube data from LUT Image for CIColorCube / CIColorCubeWithColorSpace

Regarding LUT, the format of LUT changed from v2.

<img width=120px src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1888355/112709344-0ca56200-8efc-11eb-9812-523de3c0fdf3.png"/>

We can download the neutral LUT image from lutCreator.js. Make sure to use HALD 64 SIZE. Currently, CIColorCube supports dimension is up to 64.

Hald Images

Hald is a graphical representation of 3D LUT in a form of a color table which contains all of the color gradations of 3D LUT. If Hald is loaded into editing software and a color correction is applied to it, you can use 3D LUT Creator to convert your Hald into 3D LUT and apply it to a photo or a video in your editor.

Prevent use of convolution filters in the image editor

When you create LUT in Lightroom, please make sure the following parameters are disabled.