The most important keyboard shortcut

The fastest way to create an issue is with the keyboard shortcut C.

Use Alt C to create an issue from a template and V to create an issue in full screen mode.

<aside> ✨ ProTip: Use to create new issues Type into any browser and it'll redirect you to the new issue creation page as long as you're logged into your Linear account.


Create new issue modal

Create issues from anywhere in the app with the shortcut C or by pressing the New Issue button at the top of the lefthand sidebar. Toggle Create more to launch a new draft issue with the same issue fields after saving the current one. If you navigate away from the new issue modal to another part of the app while creating it, we'll hide the issue as a saved draft and you can re-open it by pressing C.

Ctrl Shift T Change team

Ctrl Shift S Change status

Ctrl   Shift P Set priority

Ctrl Shift A Set assignee

Ctrl Shift A Add labels

Ctrl Shift P Add to project

Ctrl Shift P Add to cycle

Ctrl Alt Shift T Apply issue template

Ctrl Shift T Open full view

Cmd/Ctrl Enter to save issue

Cmd/Ctrl **Alt Enter to save then open issue

Cmd/Ctrl Shift Enter to save issue then create a new one

Click on ··· to set parent issue or add due date

Cmd/Ctrl Shift A to attach files (or drag & drop or click the paperclip)