Although this guide will cover everything from start to end, we recommend you going through this short 3 min tutorial video: Home Assignments

You can use Intervue's library of 500+ take-home assignments for 30+ languages.

Alternatively, you can create your own assignment along with custom test cases as well. Follow the steps below.


Step1: Click on "Create a test"


Step2: Edit the Title of the Test and Select a Role you want to conduct the test for(Optional)

This will open the Assignment creation dashboard.

Here you can add the questions

After adding the questions, click on Publish and you can configure the assignment as per your needs, including setting assignment time limit and setting up proctor controls.

There are 2 ways to add question to the assignment.

  1. Select from Library


  2. Create a new question


Each assignment can contain multiple questions and each question can contain multiple test cases

Once everything is set up click on the "Publish Test" button present on the top right side of the window. This will take you to the instructions and proctor control setup.


Since, the tests can be auto evaluative, if you select a cut off score, the candidate will be auto- shortlisted if they pass the cut off score.

Here you can also customize the proctor controls as per your liking. These settings will become the default setting whenever you send this assignment in the future. The candidate report will reflect the proctor triggers set off by the candidate.

Additionally, you will have to set the assignment completion time.

Note: the default completion time will be the cumulative time of all the questions added to the assignment. you increase or decrease this overall time as per your needs.

After clicking on publish and invite, you can set the test start and end date and time and share it with candidates in 3 ways: i. Invite via mail ii. Upload a CSV iii. Public Link