Here's an overview of the steps we take for making a custom mob. Different people work on different parts, you can help out with whatever you're most interested in:

Planning (Designer)

Plan the mob out in Notion on Creature Modelling, this does require you to be a part of the Design Team however, you can do this in #applications - at the same time you can also suggest mob ideas in #design-public

Modelling & Texturing

Modellers make a model for it in BlockBench, then someone goes in and textures that mob. Sometimes the modeller might do this, or someone specifically good a texturing. We'll eventually have a guide on this in .

Configuring & Coding

Someone then makes a configuration file for that mob. Offz is currently writing the code that will actually make those configurations work. It follows the Entity Component Systems (ECS) pattern, you can learn about it here.

Eventually there will be a guide on configuring mobs here.

Sometime coders will need to add new components and systems for special behaviours, but eventually designers would be able to do more and more themselves without any need for coding.