Plans are available for Organizations who want to structure internal knowledge, collaborate, accelerate research, and track topics using Golden's Research Engine, Query Tool and Lists. For more information visit our Pricing Page.

Create an Organization

You can create an Organization from:

  1. The Golden pricing page and selecting 'Upgrade' option on the Pro plan column, or 'Contact Us' on the Enterprise Plan column,
  2. The Workspace Switcher dropdown menu (see: Switching Workspaces) and selecting 'Create new Organization,' or
  3. The Profile Dropdown and selecting 'Create new Organization' under 'Switch context' menu option.

Initial Setup

Here you will begin setting up your Organization by filling out the Initial Setup fields:

Including Organization Name, Subdomain, and User Emails:

Choose Plan

After filling out the Initial Setup fields successfully, you will be able to choose the payment schedule that best suits your Organization.

Here you will be able to choose between Yearly and Monthly billing — where the Yearly billing option will give you a 10% discount per seat — and the number of seats that you would like to create.

Next, you will add your credit card details and agree to the Terms of Service before moving to the next step; Adding Members.

<aside> ⚡ Note: all of these options can be altered at any time once the Organization has been created.


If you have questions about the process or would like to inquire about the Enterprise plan, please email Golden at