Creating and sending an agenda

Agendas are the best way to prep your team before a meeting. Here’s how to set one up.

Where to start creating an Agenda

There are two ways to make an agenda:

  1. Create one from the Meetings tab on the left side of your Dive page - this is useful when you’re prepping for a meeting in the future.
  2. Create one within a live meeting - this is useful when you’re jumping on a quick or last-minute call and want to keep it organized.

Creating an agenda from scratch

You have the option of creating an agenda from scratch and building it yourself, or you can choose from one Dive’s templates. A template is a pre-populated agenda based on the type of meeting you want to have—onboarding, celebration, one-on-one, and many more.


When creating an agenda from scratch, simply type in each agenda item and format it within the agenda tool itself. You can customize each item by setting a duration on the timer, and adding your own apps to it such as Poll or YouTube Watch Party.


Creating an Agenda using a pre-built template

When using a template, you can still customize each item the same way as you would by creating an agenda on your own. The advantage of a template is that most of the meeting format is already in place, so you save time and effort in building one from scratch.


How many people can work on an agenda?

Currently, we allow only one agenda editor at a time—this is so the meeting host can have control over their meeting. You can however, switch editing access to another participant. Click on the dropdown at the top of meeting agenda and select Switch Agenda Editor. Then you can revoke your own access and assign it to someone else.