1. Clone a recent email template and name it "Repeat Reorder Button"

  2. Drag a new image block into the top of the template and upload your banner image. Check the "Fill image area" box.

  3. Add this "Alt Text" to the image settings. Copy and paste this snippet into the "Alt Text" field. This is important for accessibility, and also important when a recipient's email client may not show the images in the email automatically.

  4. Add a link to the personalized cart. Copy and paste this snippet into the "Link" field. This link will pull in the customer's unique refill cart from their Klaviyo profile when the email is sent. Be sure to update the default URL in the snippet below to the brands home page. This URL is the fallback in case the customer does not have a Repeat url in their profile.

  5. Click the question mark to access conditional settings, and toggle conditional settings to "on". We'll set this image block so that it only shows if a) a klaviyo subscriber has a Repeat personal cart link in their Klaviyo profile, and b) is not an active subscription customer.

  6. Copy and paste this snippet into the "Condition" field, then click "Save". Important note: not all brands identify active subscription customers in the same way. Verify the tag you use to identify subscribers in Shopify and modify the ‘Active Subscriber’ part of this snippet accordingly.

  7. Click "Save" on the image block to save all of the settings.

  8. Hover over the image block you created and click the star icon to create a saved block. Give this block the name "Repeat Reorder Button"

  9. Check your work by adding a the new saved block to the template. Verify that the image settings, alt text, link, and conditions were all saved.