You need to generate the following:

  1. A secret key for your Root Certificate.
  2. A SS58 encoded public key of the Root Certificate.

The best way to do so is by using a tool called subkey which is provided by Parity Substrate. After this, you can generate and register your Root Key.

Installing subkey

If these instructions do not work please refer to the Parity Substrate installation instructions.

Setup a Rust development environment

Download and install Rust

<aside> 💻 1 curl -sSf | sh 2 source ~/.cargo/env


Setup the toolchains

<aside> 💻 1 rustup default stable 2 rustup install nightly


Clone and build Parity Substrate (which contains subkey)

<aside> 💻 1 git clone 2 cd substrate 3 cargo install --path bin/utils/subkey


Generate and Register the Root Key

Just use subkey generate --scheme ed25519. It will display a private key ("Secret Seed") and the ss58 encoded public key.