Before creating a new form you need to signup/login for an account. You can easily do that using your Google Account. We do not require any additional data or payment information.

On your tinyforms dashboard you can now create a new form.

Google Forms

Simply give it a name. Tinyforms will automatically create a new Google Sheets document for you using this name. This document will be available as any other document in your Google Sheets folders. You can use it as any other Google document.


Make sure you have created the Airtable document already then provide your Airtable details: Your account API key, the documents APP key and the table name you want to use.

Advanced options

Advanced options allow you to further customize your form. You can edit those at anytime on your settings page.

Redirect URL

The URL the user should be redirected to after a form submission.


If you want to submit your data to a special sheet within your document:

Add the sheet in the Google document and configure the name of the sheet in the tinyform settings.