Creating a Drip Campaign

When creating a drip campaign using Sendloop, you’ll need to complete the following two tasks:

  1. Set up segments for the email list you’re targeting
  2. Set up campaigns for each segment you created in step 1

Set Up Segments

To classify subscribers based on the action you’re carrying out, you’ll create segments.

On the Sendloop dashboard, click Subscribers in the top navigation bar.

You will see the list of Subscribers associated with your account (if you do not currently have any lists, you can create one by clicking Create a new list on the top right corner). Click on the name of the list for which you want to create segments. This brings you to the List Overview page.

On the right-side of the List Overview page, click on Create a new segment. This brings you to the Create Segment page.

You will be asked to provide the appropriate configuration settings for your new segment:


When you are finished, click Create to proceed. You may also exit the configuration screen by clicking cancel.

<aside> 💡 If you want to set multiple time intervals during which Sendloop sends emails, you must create multiple segments.


Setting Up a Drip Campaign

Now that you've created your segment(s), you can create drip campaigns for one or more of your segments.

Creating Your Email

Return to your Sendloop dashboard and click Send Email in the top right corner. You will be asked to choose the email campaign mode: