You are spending enogh money on advertising and trying to get people on your website. In order to have a great ROI, it is adviced to capture the email address of your visitors and start communicating with them.

In this tutorial we will create an ebook download workflow in exchange for the visitor's email address.

As usual first we chop the ingredients and cook our automation as second step.

1. Upload your asset

Go to assets, and click on New.

This is the PDF, what our customers will recieve once they sumbit the form with their emails. It is a reward basically. Or a bribe, depending on how you see it 😂

We can upload the asset by simply dragging and dropping into the upload area. (1.)

We have to assign a title for this asset. Something that preperly describes it, and possible unique. We will need to be able to choose this asset by name later. (2.)

The description is not mandatory. (3.)

Make sure you save the asset after upload. (4.)

2. Create your lead capture form

Go to Components - Forms and choose New.

Let's make a new form based on what we have learned before.

We fill out the name of the form, and set the proper success settings. In this case I set to show a text and entered a success message.

Let's go the the next tab.