Forms are an ideal way to get zero-party data from your customers (read more about the importance of zero-party data in our blog). On one hand, you can use simple forms to get contact details and information about your customers; on the other hand, you can use a form to directly start a campaign, e.g. as a registration for a webinar with automated reminder emails and participation confirmations.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a simple first form in Friendly Automate and embed the code into your website.

Configure your Form

As an example, let's create a simple contact form that asks for the first name, an email address and a message. The entered data should be forwarded by email to a preset contact address. In the preview, the form would look like this:


To get started, click on "Components" on the left side of Friendly Automate, then " Forms" and then "New" in the upper right corner.


A popup appears that allows you to choose whether you want to start a campaign with the form or whether your form should stand alone. For a first simple contact form you choose the "Standalone Form".



To set up your form successfully, it takes three steps, which you can see in the three tabs above:

For your first form, you don't have to worry about the settings on the right side (category, published, etc.).