Our API is currently in public beta! With it, you'll be able to create custom internal integrations, specific to your workspace. Visit our developer hub for documentation, resources, and integration management tools.

Some of our partners may also require an internal integration token in order to link their platform to your Notion workspace - below, we'll walk you through how to set this up.

Create an internal integration

<aside> 👉 Note: Make sure you're logged into Notion on your web session with the same account that you used on desktop. Otherwise, you will not see the correct account and workspaces!



<aside> 👉 Note: Internal integrations are workspace-specific, so to change the associated workspace, you'll have to create a new integration.




Create a public integration

All newly added integrations are internal initially. If you're a developer working on a public integration, first use the above instructions to create an internal integration.

Then, follow the instructions in our developer guide to convert it to a public integration.

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