1. Team Appbrew generates a one-time secret app-only coupon code suffix and shares it with the store

  2. You can go to the Shopify dashboard and create a discount that will the shared suffix added to the desired app-only coupon code

    For eg. if you create a coupon code APP50 that works only on the app and the shared suffix is -APPONLYand then you need to create a discount with code APP50-APPONLY in the Shopify dashboard. You will have to add the -APPONLY suffix manually in the code

    Step 1

    Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 5.32.59 PM.png

    Step 2

    Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 5.30.01 PM.png

  3. You need to share APP50 coupon code with users

  4. Now, the app users need to put APP50 and the app will take care of passing/processing the correct coupon code to Shopify

(PS**:** APP50 and -APPONLY are used for demonstration purposes only. The store owner can use any name for their coupon code depending on their marketing needs)

Note: Since Shopify doesn’t give any option to create channel-specific coupon codes, if any user gets access to the actual Shopify discount (APP50-APPONLY) with the suffix then they can use it on the website as well. Hence, we need to be very cautious with the secret coupon code generated by the team Appbrew. We need to share marketing coupons with users i.e. APP50