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I don’t know about you, but I struggle with communicating through GitHub sometimes. As a developer, I do a lot of work there, but I can’t keep up with the comments there. (Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to configure my GitHub notification settings… but that seems like another post entirely 😂 )

At PixieBrix, we developed a way to click one button when we're inside an issue on GitHub, and it sends a message to Slack letting the team know what we're working on. (This was built with PixieBrix, of course!)

Here's how it looks!


Prefer to watch this instead of reading along? Here's a video tutorial!

If you prefer to watch a video instead, follow along here:


Start with a Button Brick

  1. First, navigate to an issue in GitHub. Feel free to use this URL as an example. Open the PixieBrix Page Editor (fn + F12 on your keyboard, then select the PixieBrix tab) Add a Button Brick, and click the arrow to select a button on GitHub that you want to duplicate.

I chose the “New issue” button, but you can select any other one.


2.. Set the caption to “Send Status” - you can name it whatever you’d like; this is just the text that shows up on the button, so it won’t impact any of the other steps!


You’ll also want to specify which sites you want this button to appear on. In this case, we only want it to appear on GitHub.

Grab the Username

Now we need to add another brick to get the username of the person clicking the button (aka, who is logged in).