This page describes how to create a new Flaneer Workstation. Before creating your new Workstation, make sure you have a custom Image to use. See Create a new environment to create a new one.

<aside> ❓ To create a workstation, you need to be an admin of your organization. If you do not see the Instances tab in the left bar, then you are not an admin !


➕ Creating a new workstation

Go to your Instances tab. Here, you will be able to click on the New workstation + button. You will now need to enter several information:

  1. Workstation Name: A name for your Workspace. This name must be unique across your organisation.
  2. Workstation Description: The description of this Workspace.
  3. Environment: The environment your workstation will start with. It can be a Flaneer based environment or a custom one. Make sure the environment you choose is adapted for your user's use cases. You can find Flaneer’s pre-made environments in the Library Tab.
  4. Machine Type: The type (i.e. its configuration) of the workstation.

<aside> 🚨 The Base environment and the Machine Type must be compatible for you to choose them. For example, some GPU-based machine type are not compatible with some environments, and vice versa.



2**. Connect to your Workstation**

Go to your Instances tab and then to your workstations panel. If your workstation is Turned off, launch it by clicking the Start button. Your Workspace will now enter the Starting… state, and will then be ready for you.

You will also need to update the number of available instance. You can click on your workspace and update its size, following the instructions in What is a workstation group?.