Helping creators monetize effectively has always been our core mission. We spent almost a year perfect our products around building an all-in-one store, offering memberships, and more.

Recently we’ve learned that there’s actually a lot of value that we can add outside of just monetization. A lot of creators are not yet ready to monetize, and instead look for features that help showcase their work, grow their audiences, and more. And in other cases, creators are ready to monetize, but could still benefit from having additional tools to engage with their audience and manage their online presence.

That led us to a bigger vision that would allow creators to not only monetize, but also manage their online presence with Jemi. We’re going in the direction of allowing creators to easily/quickly build a personal website, where they can manage anything from all their links, content, and shop.

Think a modern, creator-focused Squarespace/Wix — kind of like Linktree/Beacons but with more powerful features focused on commerce, audience interaction, and discoverability. We’ve spent a lot of time building a powerful dashboard, and the vision is to be able to build this creative home all in one place. We've just started testing it with a handful of creators and people are loving it so far.

If you want to create your own profile like this one, watch this quick 4 min tutorial on how to get started.