Here you will find the eLibrary resources related to management of Covid-19 patient pathways and flows. Resources are organized by facility type, so click on the folder for the setting you are most interested in. The 'Multi-Facility' folder lists resources that cover the referral and triage of Covid-19 patients across multiple settings or the entire health system.

Multi-facility, triage and referral


Primary Care and Community Settings

Intermediate Facilities

Digital Channels

Home-based Care

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) - Guidelines for outpatient management of COVID19

What is High Blood Pressure?.pdf

Carbohydrates Handout.pdf

How to measure Blood Pressure.pdf

Hyperglycemia Part 1.pdf

Hypoglycemia Part 2.pdf

Diabetes - Know Your Numbers.pdf

What Can I Do To Improve My Blood Pressure?.pdf

SMBP vs Usual care.pdf