In russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine, words matter:

<aside> 💡 ❌ Crisis in Ukraine ❌ Ukraine crisis

❌ Ukraine conflict

❌ civil war

❌ proxy war

✅ russia’s war against Ukraine

✅ unprovoked genocidal russian invasion of Ukraine


By the way, largest news agency spreading russian propaganda is Reuters.

<aside> 💡 Reuters - the largest russian propaganda agency We are often asked how we know that Reuters are spreading russian propaganda. In fact, they told everyone themselves! Back in 2020, they proudly announced their partnership with TASS. To this day, they regularly quote TASS and their content is full of genocide apologism and Kremlin terminology.


Make sure your Ukraine coverage is Ukraine-centered

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<aside> 💡 ❌ The Ukraine, former Soviet republic, post-Soviet state

✅ Ukraine, a sovereign state

❌ pro-russian separatists ❌ russia-back rebels ✅ russia-led forces ✅ russian occupation forces


<aside> 💡 It’s Kyiv, not Kiev ❗Donbas, not Donbass ❗Odesa, not Odessa


<aside> 💡 ❌rebel-held/separatist-held territories of Donbas ✅temporarily russia-occupied areas of Donbas


Ukraine Explainers

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