As an individual, you will contribute 6 items. As a group or an individual, you will create 1 exhibit.

Contribution Checklist:


You will then (as an individual or a group) curate an exhibit with a selection of the items you added. You might think ahead of time to ensure that you have enough items that fit together.


List the titles of your 6 items here. Italicize the titles of the items that provide other perspectives. Underline the titles of the (at least 2) those that provide your perspective. Bold the 2 oral histories. Some items may have more than one type of formatting.

Item #1:

Item #2:

Item #3:

Item #4:

Item #5:

Item #6:

Important Notes

Make sure to remove or black out personal information like email addresses that you might not widely available on the internet. If you'd like to include an email, you might take a screenshot of the email instead of saving it as a PDF where your email address is exposed.