<aside> 📌 Legend: 📑 case-based class; 🛠️ project-based class


📑 🛠️ Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition // Fall Term 2 // 1-3 credits

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur but don’t have an idea for a startup? This course is for you. This class introduces students to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA), the process of becoming an entrepreneur by buying an existing business. Students will cover the entire process, beginning with exploring different funding models for ETA, conducting a search, negotiating a purchase transaction, the first 100 days on the job, and exiting a successful business. This course is an independent study only.

📑Venture Capital & Private Equity // Fall Term 1 // 3 credits

The course addresses not only how venture capitalists provide capital to start-up firms in growing industries, but also how private equity markets provide capital to help established medium-sized firms (often family businesses) grow and restructure. If you are interested in acquiring and scaling a small business, this course covers the essentials of financing and structuring a deal.

📑Managerial Accounting // Fall 2 & Spring 1 // 3 credits

Managerial Accounting emphasizes the use of accounting information for internal purposes. In this course, you’ll cover the design of management accounting systems for planning and controlling operations and for motivating personnel, essential skills for any entrepreneur as they scale.

🛠️Mentored Study x CEI // All Terms // 1-3 credits

This flexible, credit-granting program allows you to work on your own search under the guidance of a mentor or support a client (typically an alum) in their search process. This is a student-directed opportunity through the office of experiential learning. Contact Ben Thomason for more information about mentored study.

📑 Leadership // Spring Term 1 // 3 credits

This course addresses leadership as a topic separate but not divorced from management.  Effective leadership involves setting the conditions for success: a purpose and a direction for an organization, its members, and other stakeholders. The purpose of this course is to create opportunities for reflection, study, discussion, and practice that provide you with a context within which you can learn about yourself, and how you lead. For those interested in acquiring and operating a company, honing your leadership skills is imperative as you motivate, manage, and lead an employee-base in a new strategic direction.