<aside> 📌 Legend: 📑 case-based class; 🛠️ project-based class


📑Managing Technology and Innovation // Fall Term 1 // 3 Credits

This course examines emergent technologies and the process of introducing new technologies into organizations. Recent technological advances will be reviewed, so that students become familiar with new technologies and their implications for organizations. A variety of innovations will be studied, including several new information technologies. Each student will be asked to write a research report on an innovation of their choice in which he/she has particular interest. Information regarding the technical aspects of that innovation, as well as its development, marketing, and use, will be presented to the class. We will examine industry and managerial processes surrounding development and diffusion of innovations.

📑Marketing of Innovation // Fall Term 2 // 3 Credits

This course is about marketing products and services that are seen by consumers as being highly innovative. New and innovative products have a unique problem – information on customers’ preferences is either unavailable or fraught with a lot of noise. Most new technology products fit into this category, the course focuses on strategies to adopt in technology-intensive environments.

📑Entrepreneurial Strategy // Spring Term 2 // 3 credits

This course provides entrepreneurs with tools and information for evaluating opportunities and developing strategies for starting innovation-based ventures. The course is designed to address the needs of students who hope to pursue startup opportunities in the near future, prepare for entrepreneurial activities at later career stages, lead new ventures in established firms, or pursue careers where the ability to evaluate startups would be helpful (e.g., venture capital, mergers and acquisitions).

🛠️New Venture Discovery // Fall Semester and Spring Semester // 3 credits

The New Ventures Discovery course is ideal for anyone who wants to excel at finding white space for new innovation and entrepreneurial action, whether that's as part of a larger organization or by launching a new venture. This course will strengthen your innovation-chops to make you an asset for any employer, including yourself! Meets one day per week over the course of the full semester (two terms).

🛠️Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) x CEI // Spring Semester // 3 credits

Work on a team to address a client's strategic business challenge. CEI partners with experiential learning at Fuqua to source project opportunities related to driving growth through innovation within larger organizations and corporations. ups. This course is a great way to apply your learning on a real-world project with strategic impact on the organization. Projects vary by year.