This page lists all of the online courses that I have authored or collaborated on.

In addition to the course content, I also co-create programming videos on bonsaiilabs YouTube channel. You can find all our videos here


Browser JavaScript and Event Loop

Co-authored the course. The course covers topics such as ExecutionContext, Event Loop Processing Model, Browser Threading, and Processes. The course contains detailed videos, multiple programming problems and quizzes to deepen your understanding and retention of knowledge.


Material-UI with React

Worked in collaboration to create the course project. Created structured learning content that was divided into multiple git branches. This has helped learners to grasp the concepts into the progressive manner.

The course has been officially listed on the Material-UI Learning section


First Steps with Scala

Created a FREE course to help developers learn Functional Programming using Scala. The course covers concepts such as Immutability, Referential Transparency, Scala Type Hierarchy, Purity, Side-effects using hands-on example