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Guess what?? I've been in your overwhelmed shoes before.

You see, a few years ago, I was constantly burned out trying to manage my home, new twin babies and my career, while trying to show up as a wife. I had a full plate—and I’m guessing you do too, right now.



On the surface I had it all, but the truth is I was not okay inside.

I had just made a huge career change and was overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of things and often had to wake up very early or stay up late to work on my overflowing to-do list. My busy schedule left me too exhausted to think about my mental health.

The worst part is I always felt behind. I had all of these ideas swirling in my head about things I wanted to do, to improve, to accomplish but most of them often fizzled out. You see, I had a great ideas. Maybe you do too. I had a vision for my job, my business, my career, my personal life but it just seemed unsurmountable.

Does this sound familiar?