There are 326 councils in the UK which charge an annual fee for the services they provide to residents.

We decided to include a Council Tax calculation line in our forecast because of the varying changes to rates being introduced in 2022/23.

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About Council Tax

Council tax pays for services in your local area, for example:

How much you pay depends on the council tax band your property is in. It also varies by how much additional funding your council needs to raise.

In 2022/23 Council Tax increased by an average of 3% in England and Wales, but it was as high as 5% in some boroughs.

Normally Council Tax is paid in 10 monthly instalments (April-Jan) and two months of not making any payments.

<aside> ℹ️ If you’re not sure which Council tax band your home falls into, you can search by postcode on the tax band checker. To find your local council, use this one.


How to save money on Council Tax