Living standards are high in Belgium. Remember that during the first month of your stay, you may have to pay for insurance, temporary accommodation and deposits, clothing, equipment (kitchen utensils, furniture) and other things. Below you see a rough estimate of the costs a student might have. On the internet you find average prices for specific items like water, milk, a restaurant meal or a pair of jeans.

Cost of studying

This information is partly based on the study "Wat kost een student? (2020)" (How much does a student cost?) researched and written by CEBUD (Centre for Budget Advice and Research) of Thomas More University College.

Save money

<aside> 💡 Ghent University has a **sharing platform** where you find used textbooks, study materials and other second-hand items. You can buy items and sell or give away your own stuff.


<aside> 🦞 The Too good to go app helps you to save money and the planet. Dowload the app and pick up leftovers at restaurants and shops.