The Role



You are smart. You are capable. You embrace your spirituality and believe that everyone has a story to tell. 🤓

You love processes! 🏗️

Let's face it, you have a lot to offer an employer. And you aren't willing to let your talent go to waste, working for someone else on something that is not your passion.

You feel a calling... 📻 (OK, maybe I'm dating myself with an AM/FM radio emoji)

Founded in 2015, FullCast helps awakened business leaders by launching, producing, and marketing their authority building and impact-making shows.

This flexible position is responsible for making sure our clients' production processes are supported and the quality of each episode is the best they can be while still meeting our production deadlines.

You will have the ability to work from home or a coffee shop and set your own schedule as needed. ☕

This role is ideal for someone who LOVES podcasts but also has a keen interest in the world of spirituality, personal growth, and self-development. 🧘🏽‍♀️

To succeed you will also need to be extremely well-organized, work well in a self-motivating environment, have an exceptional attention to detail, be task-oriented, be calm and steady while carrying out procedures, and truly care about our clients and the people who will be changed forever by their shows.

In this job you will manage several shows at once, from the first onboarding call through to the handoff of a show into our production cycle, supported by our production team.

You will serve as the primary point of contact for our clients and ensure clients are receiving a 5-star, best-in-class experience.

This position reports to the CEO

From Harry...

I love what I do and I’m excited to meet the person who is going to help me effectively manage our projects.

Please note: I’ve recently made a conscious effort to refine our ideal client. As I have been expanding my spiritual practice I feel called to begin working more with awakened icons who are doing their part to awaken and heal this planet.

If you’re comfortable working with and supporting a tapped-on and tuned-in community of teachers, light workers, channelers, starseeds, healers, shamans, and priestesses, then you’re in the right place, because that’s where I’m headed.