Feminist Frequency is a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for a more just and equitable media landscape and the end of abuse in the games industry. Our latest initiative is the Games and Online Harassment Hotline, a free, text message-based, confidential emotional support hotline for anyone who makes or plays games. We take a compassion-forward, trauma-informed, and survivor-centered approach to providing a support space for people experiencing a variety of mental health, harassment, or workplace struggles.

We’re really proud of our media focused work, our Hotline, and our upcoming projects and are driven to make it even more accessible and sustainable.

Why we need you

We are excited for the opportunity to grow and expand this year. With that, we will need ever more robust and diverse funding sources to ensure the sustainability of all our programming. While we have a young and small existing corporate funding program, it’s time to strengthen it.

While this is a fundraising position, you might not have nonprofit experience but we love your years of working in the games industry and are excited to support your growth in this hybrid space. With your existing game industry relationships and boundless creative ideas, you will make our organization stronger, more sustainable, and able to be here for the long haul. Your job will be to seek out corporate partners who would be excited to support us and entice them to do so by showing them all the ways that our work already serves their audiences, their employees, and their communities.

Here’s what you’ll be doing

As our Corporate Giving Officer, you will be the face of Feminist Frequency to our corporate partners. You will be leading and executing a strategic plan to grow corporate partnerships, internal affinity group relationships, matching sponsorships, or promotional partnerships. This will involve cultivating and managing a portfolio of corporate relationships, creating engaging materials for corporate prospects, and implementing creative corporate recognition and benefits avenues consistently.

You’ll need these qualifications

It would be nice if you have