In the 1940s, Cornell Professor Walter Pauk developed a new note-taking system to give college students a better way to organize, condense, and intake knowledge. It's proven as an incredibly effective learning tool. Here's how to use it in Notion.

Divide your page into two columns.

The narrower left column is for recording keywords, questions, and recall prompts. The right column is for your actual notes taken during a lecture or class.





Create a summary section at the bottom.

When you review your notes, briefly summarize what you learned and what is important to retain from the full page of notes. This will help you internalize the information.

SUMMARY: Create a callout box like this one in Notion by typing /callout. It's the perfect way to capture summaries that stand out.

Here's an example:

We promise, a template is coming below!


What is the definition of propaganda?

What are the 4 techniques used by advertisers?

What is an example?