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🗓 8.12: 🌎Maker Explorer: Crossing the Carbon Chasm

We will host Adam Carver from Bitgreen as he shares his organization’s vision for a purpose-built blockchain to solve the world’s biggest problems: climate change, public health, wealth disparity, and others.

Find it on the Forum here.

🗓 15.12: 👩‍⚖️LexMaker: System of a DAO: A Legal Framework for Decentarlized Autonomous Organizations

During this session, we will be hosting Miles Jennings from a16z and David Kerr from Cowrie LLC as they provide an update on their published analysis of legal frameworks for DAOs.

Find it on the Forum here.

🗓 15.12: 🚀CULPS: Tech Ops Core Unit

Join us as we sit down with the team from the proposed Tech Ops Core Unit to learn more about their mission to provide technical support to MakerDAO Ecosystem stake holders.

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