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πŸ—“ 18.10 - 22.10: Live from Lisboa!

MakerDAO is attending LisCon 2021 in force. Meet Core Units and their teams at local events during the week in Lisboa.

πŸ—“ 19.10: On Stage @ The DAOist

The SES Maker team has two workshops on 19th of October.

πŸ—“ 20.10: On Stage @ LisCon Main Stage

Team Lead @Wouter Kampmann will present on the State of MakerDAO.

πŸ—“ 27.10: On Stage @ NEARCon

SES's Core Unit Facilitator @Juan will join Panelist at NERACon - Day 2 in a moderated discussion on challenges DAOs face.

πŸ—“ 27.10: CUT: Ricochet

Ricochet leverages a previously covered Core Unit Tools (Superfluid) to enable rapid fire investments, essentially converting a portion of your compensation into your favorite crypto asset automatically.

Full list of MakerDAO Public Events here.

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Core Units at a Glance