The following folks volunteer their time on the Work On Climate core team. DM any of us on Slack about community programs and general feedback/concerns:

Eugene Kirpichov

I can help with general best practices for running a channel or gathering interest for an initiative, with operational stuff such as running an event or setting up an automation, and can point to people who can help with just about anything else.

Eva Illescas

I am a Product Designer contributing with best practices for members, research, designs and strategy vision. I also love brainstorming solutions that help solve people's problems and interacting with people.

**Jeremy Brewer**

At WoCl I help with the events, newsletter, and volunteering initiatives. You can always reach out to me for anything, but a few areas where I may be able to help are: if you have a long term program you're running and want to talk about raising funding to make it more scalable, adding content to our upcoming newsletters, or are looking for help getting in touch with a climate speaker or expert for an event with your sub-community.

Sam Levac-Levey

I’m a mechanical engineer, game designer, and venture capitalist. I help run events and the mentorship program.

Note: Talk to Sam and Jeremy about the events that you may like to host.

Marie Herring

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