TLDR: Core Ops group has made significant progress on allocation of bounties to community and some progress towards increased value creation for AN DAO. We request release of funds from ESD to pay bounty holders for their work in Block 1.


Aragon Core team and members of the community established a 3 block (6 weeks) program to act as genesis for Core Operations of AN DAO moving to community. This included of 21 bounties for 27 contributors.

At the end of Block 1, we have allocated 88% of the genesis bounties (to 24 contributors).

Bounties allocated can be seen here

Progress has been made in defining KPIs for most of the current bounties. The bottleneck to this has been 1-to-1 introduction meetings to define scope and deliverables. We expect this to be at 100% completion by end of Block 2.

A non-exhaustive list of work completed by these contributors includes so far includes: