When you’re in charge of a project, it’s easy to get caught not seeing the wood for the trees. Who is your customer? What do they want most? How – and why – does your product or service align with their goals? These are the insights which underpin messaging that works, turning a fuzzy thumbnail into a high definition image.

The Core Messaging workshop turns your understanding of your customers into practical knowledge you can apply to immediately upgrade your copy and comms.

<aside> 🗣️ “The framework that followed on from the session covered a lot of important things like call to action, benefits and trust credentials and brought them all together really well. I came away from the experience thinking up taglines and messages, and we were able to create a clear landing page for our product and continued to develop the messaging from there over the next year. Super helpful. There's no use having a great product if people don't get why it'll work well for them and new users can’t get excited about using it.” – Bailey Kursar, CEO @ Touco


<aside> 🗣️ “There were multiple "ah hah" moments where we peeled back assumptions, uncovered underlying customer motivations, and then used those insights to determine how best to communicate with users. The workshop included a full gamut of tools and techniques - from delving into the challenges and goals of users, assessing user experiences and attitudes, to systematically analysing their journey. The most valuable and enjoyable part is towards the end, where everything is brought together in a structured framework, from which you can build landing pages, articles, product copy and other key messaging. Having all my "rough" mental post-it notes shuffled into a clear structure made me feel like I'd just been given a wonderful gift.” Chris Samiullah, Founder @ Course Maker (August 2020)


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